Notice the changes in your staff and
Professional-level follow-up.

Just 6 questions, twice a month! In just 10 seconds! A communication tool that triples your 1on1.
Why people choose BROSIS

A simple survey with only 6 questions.

Only 6 questions to answer!
Easy to observe staff engagement!

motivation comparison

You can compare departments, permanent locations, contract types, and of course, within the industry as a whole!

A 1on1 function that brings you closer to your staff.

You can use the 1on1 feature to get closer to your staff.
Do you have a problem like this?

The atmosphere in the workplace is not good.

I don't know
what to say in a 1on1.

I don't know
how to follow up.

BROSIS can help you solve this problem!
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Supervised by communication experts

Psychological Counselor
Director, Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Mental Law Chief
Momoko Asaga, Ph.

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Dr. Momoko Asaga Certified Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist
President of Counseling Room Le:self for Well-being
Shino Fujimoto-sensei

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Case studies of other companies that have implemented BROSIS
Company A
Dispatch and SES of IT engineers
Contracted system development for government agencies
Unique notification function increases the response rate!
With other companies' tools, the response rate was 60%,
but after using BROSIS, it has risen to over 80%.
Company B
Web front-end contract development
Web engineer dispatch and SES.
Various analysis functions!
By multiplying multiple analysis conditions, we are able to get a more precise
understanding of the latest status of our operating staff.
Company C
Dispatch of embedded engineers.
The quality of the 1on1 has improved and the dropouts have been curbed!
The follow-up staff's ability to ask questions has improved
and the quality of 1on1 interviews has become higher.
Used by companies in a variety of industries
How to use BROSIS

Staff members' responses to the survey.

You will be asked to fill out an employment questionnaire that will be sent out twice a month.

The questionnaire is only 6 questions long and takes about 10 seconds to complete, so there is very little load on the staff!

The survey results can be checked by managers and HR staff.

When a survey arrives, you can check the survey results for individual staff members on a dedicated management screen.

You can easily keep track of the latest conditions by checking engagement alerts as well as past survey results.

Comparative analysis of motivation.

You can easily see the company-wide average and the best 10/worst 10 staff members who responded to the survey.

In addition, the ability to compare the company-wide average with the industry average is a key feature of this tool. By comparing with the motivation scores of other companies' staff working in the same industry, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the user company from a bird's eye view.

In addition, by narrowing down the confirmation criteria, it is possible to perform segment analysis, such as by company-wide, by department, by resident site, by contract type, by age and company history, etc.

Retention measures and other measures.

You can contact staff you are interested in or want to follow up with urgently using
direct chat.

Furthermore, you can conduct 1on1 based on a list of questions supervised by a communication expert.
Even if you are not confident in your follow-up and questioning skills, you can still provide professional level